Our school is dedicated to helping each student to reach their goals, maximize their potential and to achieve mastery through Kungfu, T'aichi and the Martial Arts

*Fitness *Self Defense *Personal Growth

Our Charter : Ziran Martial Arts seeks to help its members achieve their maximum physical and mental potential and to guide them to gain a deep and practical understanding of health, self-defense and personal cultivation. The word Ziran means “natural” in Chinese and was chosen as a name for our school to remind us that our martial arts study must always be practiced with nature in mind. This means that in order to achieve optimal skill levels in our martial arts training, we must train our bodies according to their natural and healthful tendencies and always remember our direct connection to the natural environment.

Kids Kungfu
(age 5-12)
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Kung Fu
(Teen & Adult)
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T'ai Chi Beginners
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Personal Training By Trainer Tom

Customized Programs for Health, Fitness and/or Self-defense

Black Sash Mastery Program (Children & Adults)
Apprentice Program for Martial Arts Professionals

Qigong, T'ai Chi, Kung Fu

Inherit the tradition.
Come learn REAL Kungfu at Ziran Martial Arts.

(kids and adult classes, small class sizes, private instruction & personal training)

Gu Taijiquan-- Shaolin Gongfu -- Chinese Swordsmanship & Weapons-- Pushhands -- Sanda Sparring -- Taiji Wrestling -- Qinna Joint Controlling --Baguazhang --Musoryu Budo + Jujitsu--Qigong -- adaptive self-defense -- conditioning--
Traditional forms, fighting skills, and intensive conditioning
A complete system of health, self-defense and personal cultivation
Historical weapons combatives, dueling, skills training and forms

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